Our Response To COVID-19

Supporting Kiwis with quick effective work place, outdoor space, playground sanitisation to keep us all fit, healthy and well

Government + Education

Join the movement of clean work places, outdoor and playground spaces

Commercial + Residential

We offer a full scope of outdoor sanitation services to our residential and commercial clients

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UPDATE: Northscape now have 2 sanitisation units ready to be deployed throughout Northland

We Have Responded

COVID-19 is a global pandemic, we’re leveraging off our 6 core values and long-term partnerships to support Government, Education, Hospitality/Restaurants, Commercial and Residential properties across Northland – providing essential outdoor space and playground sanitisation services quickly, reliably and through a single point of contact.

These playgrounds and outdoor spaces are central to our communities wellbeing and must be safe and operational at all times.

Unfortunately these outdoor spaces can also be a central place for germs and viruses. They are inherently hands on places and need to be maintained

to a high standard to ensure they remain a safe place to play. Kiwis need to be confident their family and friends can visit without contacting anything harmful.

Northscape equipment and our fleet can quickly be mobilized as needed to clean  and sanitize outdoor surfaces such as sidewalks, streets, bridges, parks, reserves, playgrounds and other common public areas where germs can spread. As a strong partner with local government and education organisations Northscape is uniquely positioned to rapidly support.

We all have a responsibility to help overcome the COVID-19 pandemic and Northscape is here to support communities in crisis.

Products we are supplying:

Surface Sanitisation Liquids

Application Equipment

Hand Sanitiser and Refills


Our Response Services

Professional cleaning and sanitizing of our region, towns and communities has
never been more critical than today. Below is Northscapes Outdoor Space and Playground Sanitisation services:


The SoftClean service removes surface grime and dirt from most work places, outdoor and playground surfaces, leaving unrestricted access for the sanitising chemical to the plastic, stainless steel and timber surfaces.


DeepWash includes a complete waterblast of all work spaces, outdoor, playground and hard surfaces and hand scrubbing to get to all those unseen areas. Its a proactive clean giving a good base for sanitisation.

3FS - 3 Fold Sanitisation

3FS sanitisation involves a DeepWash, spraying a bacteria killing sanitisation chemical on all surfaces to kill all harmfull bacteria and a full wipe down using microfibre.

Site Assessment

As part of the sanitisation treatment, a report will be submitted showing the condition of the playground, and recomendations on future treatment required, if any.

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