We contracted a case of the green thumb long ago, and thankfully for us, there’s no cure.  Us landscapers are hooked, and getting to transform an average green space into an area teeming with life has some serious perks. Here are a few of the reasons we LOVE landscaping.

Beats the Gym

Anyone that does regular landscaping reaps cardio and strength benefits. Ever put up fencing? If you have, you get it. You’ll never need to visit a gym again – just become a landscaper!

Our Office is Between Some Trees

Sure, there’s paperwork to do and designs to flesh out. But with landscaping, most of the time you’re between trees, smelling the roses. That’s enough reason to love landscaping.

Nature Relaxes the Mind

Landscaping is a powerful meditative tool.  Whether you’re planting a coastal garden or building a retaining wall, getting in a rhythm is good for some mental relaxation.

We Get to Watch Spaces Transform

Beautiful landscaping is one of the biggest aesthetic transformations a home or business can undergo. And watching it happen is like seeing winter flip to spring.  The addition of vibrant plants, trees, greenery, and freshened up lawns is a metamorphosis of nature!

Helping the Environment One Tree at a Time

Most of us strive to be good environmental stewards. But as landscapers, we can craft things specially so that the space doesn’t just look flowery; it serves a sustainable purpose.

Creative Outlet Through Greenery

Landscapers are creatives. And whether we’re designing green space around an outdoor fireplace, building the perfect patio, or figuring out the best spot for a swimming pool, we love to design.

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